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World’s leading alto sax player and six-time Grammy award winner, David Sanborn, developed this series of mouthpiece masterworks in collaboration with Mitsu Watanabe of Saxz, Inc., over a period of two-and-a-half years. Their goal was to achieve rich expressive power and detail from pianissimo to fortissimo. Players can command a magnificent sound with rich overtones in all registers.


We utilize an original medium-large MW Chamber, an enhancement to the traditional high-baffle style favored by renowned mouthpiece makers. And this mouthpiece has very quick response, all the playability and very good volume that you find in today’s metal mouthpieces, this is a piece that offers outstanding performance. This limited edition model achieves a splendid sound from pianissimo to fortissimo and a stable pitch. The great fortissimo and altissimo metal sound and easy to control.


デヴィッド・サンボーン・シグネチャー・アルト・メタル  DAVID SANBORN SIGNATURE ALTO METAL

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