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  Saxz Inc., a Japanese sax mouthpiece developer/manufacturer, was founded by Mitsu.Watanabe in 1999. We incorporated and expanded our business in 2004, and run company with Toshi Kamakura. We now develop and manufacture sax mouthpieces and accessaries, sell original saxophones, and reface and repair the mouthpieces and instruments.

  After many years of dedicated work, we developed the original sterling silver model, using best quality material for mouthpieces. We refuse to compromise when it comes to pursuing the ideal sound and operability for our products, i.e., control performance and stability, and that's exactly what every sax player is looking for. Our quest for best sound never ends as what is good sound changes with times.

In 2008, under the contract with Sony Music Artists (SMA), we released the signature model for Takeshi Ito, the sax player of Japanese fusion music group, T-Square.  And Saxz Inc., started to sell German silver and brass material Alto and Tenor saxophones by OEM in 2008. 

  In 2011, we signed a contract with “The Legend” David Sanborn and released the sterling silver, metal and HR type David Sanborn signature model mouthpieces.  David Sanborn and Mitsu Watanabe, Director of Saxz Inc., spent two and half years developing this outstanding product. The ultimate mouthpieces are made of 100% Sterling Silver. Their precise, rich sound ranging from pianissimo to fortissimo is amazing and instantaneous response is unrivaled. And we had contract with Steve Wilkerson, Rodney Taylor, Derrick Edmondson, Arno Haas, Scott Mayo, Yasu Matsuda, etc. In 2015, we signed a contract with top saxophone player in Japan, “The Saxophone Hero Masato Honda. 

  These top-of-the-line mouthpieces blend gorgeous tones and dynamic blast beautifully. Producing extremely high quality sound.  We have so far released Emperor sterling silver, Empire metal, NYC New York Series and Vintage1950 Series HR Type Sax Mouthpieces.

  Currently, Saxz Inc., manufactures and sells over ten different types of sax mouthpieces.  Our hand-crafted products are 100% manufactured in Japan and the materials are procured 100% in Japan.



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